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ECE Courses in Vermont

Pete Foytho

Fall ECE Course Offerings in Vermont

The following Vermont institutions are offering ECE courses in fall 2020

Graduate Course/Reflective Practices;  2 credits; starts August 31, 2020

  • GEE-630 Reflective Practices (Peer Review Portfolio Development)

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Early Childhood Education Associate Degree

Childcare Certificate

NEW! Afterschool and Youth Work Certificate

All fall ECE courses will be offered online:

  • EDU-1240 Assessment of Prior Learning
  • PSY-1020 Child Abuse & Neglect
  • PSY-2010 Child Development
  • COM-1015 Communication in ECE & Afterschool Workplace
  • EDU-2045 Curriculum Development in Early Childhood Ed
  • PSY-2025 Development of the Young Child Age 3-8
  • EDU-2042 Early Childhood Education & Afterschool Program Management
  • EDU-1225 Focused Portfolio Development
  • EDU-1250 Fostering Creative Learning for Children
  • BUS-2410 Human Resource Management
  • PSY-2020 Infant & Toddler Development
  • EDU-1030 Introduction to Early Childhood Education
  • EDU-2041 Leadership, Mentoring, & Supervision in ECE & Afterschool
  • EDU-2043 Legal and Financial Issues in Early Childhood and Afterschool Programs
  • EDU-2075 Literature for Children
  • EDU-1270 Social Emotional Development in Children ages 5-18
  • EDU-1270 Supporting Young Child with Diverse Abilities
  • PSY-2155 Trauma: Origins & Impacts

Courses are 3-credits, open to degree and non-degree students, and are 1000/2000 level. For more information visit CCV web pages:

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The NVU- Lyndon ECE Online licensure program (birth – age 5) is designed primarily for early educators working in the field who are seeking a route to licensure while continuing to work in their child care setting. Candidates must have an AA, BA or BS and 2,000 hours of field experience prior to being admitted to the program.

Candidates who complete the requirements for this course will earn a BS from NVU- Lyndon with a degree in Early Childhood Education and recommendation for an ECE license (birth to age 5). Coursework is delivered 90% online with 10% face-to-face interaction. Courses are offered in a prescribed sequence and one at a time every five weeks during the 15-week semester, for a total of three early childhood courses each term. An additional semester long, 3000-4000 level liberal studies course is taken to meet the Vermont Agency of Education’s licensure requirements.

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Saint Michael’s offers two 3-credit graduate courses in Early Education:

  • GED 521 Early Childhood Education: Foundations
  • GED 524 Early Childhood Education: Methods and Practice

Contact: Jenny Stearns
Early Childhood Education Coordinator, Education Department

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All fall Early Childhood Development courses will be offered online:

  • ECED 210 Early Childhood Development
  • ECED 250 Infants and Toddlers
  • ECED 310 Foundations of Early Childhood Education
  • ECED 340 Diversity and Multicultural for Early Childhood Education
  • ECED 420 Basic Management

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Early Childhood/Early Childhood Special Educator Licensure Programs. All courses will be offered online. 

  • Curriculum and Development in Early Childhood Education
  • Explorations in Pre-K to Grade 3 Mathematics
  • Assessment in Early Intervention / Early Childhood Special Education

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Courses Fall 2020

  • Intro to Early Care and Education
  • Child Development
  • Infant/Toddler Curriculum Development
  • Infant Toddler Practicum
  • The Science of Everyday Life
  • K-3 STEM: Math for Meaning
  • K-3 Interdisciplinary Practicum
  • K-3 Inquiry
  • K-3 Literacy

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