COVID-19 Training Guidelines

COVID-19 Training Guidelines

Becky Millard

In-Person Trainings

As of June 1, 2020 the Child Development Division has determined that trainings for early childhood and afterschool professionals may take place in person. Approved sponsors may also continue to offer online real-time trainings. CDD asks all trainers and sponsors to be sure they follow the VOSHA and ACCD business COVID-19 health guidance. More information is available at:

VOSHA Workplace Training

ACCD COVID-19 Recovery Resource Center

Online Real-Time Trainings

In response to the social distancing required as part of COVID-19 prevention and mitigation, the Vermont Child Development Division has temporarily authorized approved sponsors of professional development in Vermont to offer trainings to early childhood and afterschool professionals in real time via online methods.

Online real time trainings use technology that allows trainer and participants to interact in real time using video and audio communication (e.g. Zoom). CLICK HERE for more information about delivery of real time online trainings in Vermont.

Online First Aid and CPR

The Child Development Division will allow certain online-only First Aid and CPR trainings completed March 1, 2020 through September 30, 2020 to meet the regulatory requirement. CLICK HERE for more information about First Aid and CPR training options.

Observation of the Practitioner

If you need an Observation of the Practitioner for Fundamentals for Early Childhood Professionals or to receive a level certificate, there are currently limitations on who can complete your observation. If there is someone with appropriate qualifications who works at your workplace, they may be able to complete your observation. Outside observers are not currently allowed to visit regulated child care programs. If you have questions about completing an Observation of the Practitioner, please contact your Northern Lights Resource Advisor. More detail about who is permitted to visit regulated child care programs is available here.

Updated 9/3/20