Q&A: Online First Aid and CPR

Q: Do Online First Aid or CPR trainings meet the criteria to count for child care program regulations requirements?

A: Only if you ALSO complete an in person skills assessment.

First Aid and CPR training must meet the following criteria and be verified in your BFIS Quality and Credential account in order to meet regulations requirements:

  1. The training must be taught by an American Heart Association, Red Cross, or American Health and Safety Institute trainer.
  2. If you complete an online first aid and/or infant/child CPR training, it must include an in-person skills component taught by someone with one of the above affiliations and result in certification.
  3. You must receive documentation of certification that includes the date of the training, the type of training (first aid or infant/child CPR) and the expiration date for the certification.

Visit the CDD Training Requirements page to read the full criteria for First Aid and CPR trainings

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