Online First Aid and CPR

Becky Millard

[Updated March 1, 2022]

Effective January 12, 2022, the Child Development Division has updated the criteria for pediatric first aid and infant/child CPR removing the limitation requiring individuals to use one of three designated training organizations. The full criteria language is available at:

The temporary waiver allowing fully online pediatric first aid and infant/child CPR trainings is still in effect which allows you to choose a training that results in certification even if it does not include a hands-on skills check.

What Does This Mean?

Beginning 1/12/22, if you take a pediatric first aid and/or infant/child CPR training to meet child care licensing requirements:

  1. You must receive documentation of certification that includes:
    • The name and logo of the training organization; and
    • The date of the training; and
    • The type of training (pediatric first aid and/or infant/child CPR); and
    • Your name as the individual certified; and
    • The expiration date for the certification.
  2. The requirement for online pediatric first aid and/or infant/child CPR trainings to include a hands-on skills component is currently waived.

Will My Certification Count?

If you have questions about whether or not a training you completed will meet criteria, please contact your Northern Lights Resource Advisor.

Online Training Options

Below are online training options researched by Northern Lights and approved by Child Care Licensing:

American Red Cross

American Health Academy

  • Basic Life Support CPR/AED/First Aid
    Certification card may read: “CPR/AED: Adult, Child, Infant + Standard First Aid (BLS)”
    First Aid and CPR certification; $20-$45; valid for 2 years from completion date.

National CPR Foundation