General Inquiries

If you don’t know who to contact with your questions, please use the form below and we’ll have the right person get back to you.

For general questions:
(802) 540-8168 |
To email attendance, and documentation for BFIS:

Visit to securely send documents to

Mailing address
Northern Lights at CCV
PO Box 489
Montpelier, VT 05601

Our Resource Team

Contact our Resource Team with questions about your professional development:

Amelia Struthers
Curriculum Manager (Office in Brattleboro)
(802) 254-6384 |
Ammie Collins
Resource Advisor (Bennington, Rutland)
(802) 828-2953 |
Adri Taylo-Behrman
Resource Advisor (Winooski)
Elise Doner
Resource Advisor (St. Albans, Morrisville, Middlebury)
(802) 527-5512 |
Joanne Rouleau
Resource Advisor (Montpelier, St. Johnsbury, Newport)
(802) 828-0621 |
Tia Fotion
Resource Advisor (Upper Valley, Springfield, Brattleboro)
(802) 281-5017 |

Our Registry Team

Please contact our Registry Team with questions about credentials, certificates, the Instructor Registry, or the MATCH Registry:

Sonja Bracey
Registry Manager
(802) 888-2588 |
Benj Rackliffe
Senior Administrative Assistant
(802) 654-0541 |
Deb Norris
Senior Administrative Assistant
(802) 654-0539 |
Laura Dailey
Records Specialist III
Tiffany Miller
Records Specialist III
(802) 828-2857 |

Our Executive Team

Becky Millard
(802) 654-0523 |
Leslie Johnson
Associate Academic Dean
(802) 654-0532 |

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General Inquiries

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