COVID-19 Training Guidelines

Fundamentals for EC Professionals


Fundamentals for Early Childhood Professionals is a 45-hour training series designed to build a foundation of knowledge and best practice skills for professionals working with groups of children ages birth to eight years old. This training series is based on Vermont’s Core Knowledge and Competencies for Early Childhood Professionals: Level I and is available in fully in-person or hybrid formats.

Fundamentals for Early Childhood Professionals is designed to including multiple benefits for participants. This training series:

  • Offers one way to meet the coursework requirements for Level I of the Vermont Early Childhood Career Ladder
  • Includes the Basic Specialized Care training required for all Specialized Child Care programs
  • Includes Introduction to Child Care Licensing
  • Incorporates components of the Child Development Associate (CDA) – both training in required subject areas and practice in CDA components (see modules and the back of letter of completion)
  • Includes an opportunity to practice planning, being observed, and getting specific responsive, positive feedback about working with young children, and
  • Introduces and provides practice in creating an Individual Professional Development Plan.

Northern Lights at CCV monitors and supports the Fundamentals for Early Childhood Professionals training series. Any sponsor of a Fundamentals course must meet three requirements:

  1. The instructor must be a Certified or Master instructor in the Vermont Instructor Registry (or be willing to join);
  2. The Sponsor and the Instructor must use the Fundamentals syllabus as outlined on the Northern Lights website; and
  3. The Sponsor and Instructor must maintain contact with Northern Lights including completing the provided evaluations.

Sponsors of the course are also given access to a secure part of the Northern Lights website which includes other necessary documents.

Fundamentals for Early Childhood Professionals is offered by Northern Lights at CCV in all regions of the state at least once per year, and additional sections can be added based on need. For information about current and upcoming trainings, visit the Northern Lights training calendar.

If you are interested in offering a Fundamentals for Early Childhood Professionals training series at your technical center or other location, please see the links on the right for more information and contact your Resource Advisor for support.