Make Training Count


It’s our job to help you find the training you need – and help you understand what is required for a training to count. We approve trainings, verify attendance, and enter documented professional development into your BFIS Quality and Credential account.

Vermont’s three criteria for approval are that trainings and college coursework must:

  1. Relate to the core knowledge areas for early childhood or afterschool professionals;
  2. Relate to the age range of children you work with; and
  3. Be documented by a valid training certificate or college transcript.

To enter your trainings and coursework into your BFIS Quality and Credential account, we get the information we need in one of two ways:

  1. Trainings by Sponsors are pre-approved. Sponsors submit attendance and training information to us – so you don’t have to! Only the trainings given by these Sponsors are listed in the BFIS Course Calendar.
  2. For all other trainings or coursework, you must submit documentation for approval.

How to Document Your Training

If your training was hosted by a Northern Lights-approved Sponsor, you don’t need to submit any documentation to Northern Lights. The Sponsor will submit attendance to us directly. For any other in-person trainings or college coursework, you must submit the training Verification Cover Sheet and your training certificate or transcript.

A valid training certificate must include:

  • The name and logo of the organization hosting the in-person training;
  • The training title and description of training content;
  • Date, time, and total training hours; and
  • Your name as the participant

A valid transcript must:

  • Be an official or unofficial transcript issued and signed by the college or university registrar (photocopied or scanned copies of official or unofficial transcripts are also accepted as long as all required information is legible);
  • Include the college name, your full name, course name/department, grades received, and dates completed;
  • Be submitted to Northern Lights by email as a PDF attachment or by postal mail (no faxes are accepted);
  • Show that you achieved a grade of C- or higher in your coursework.

If you have taken coursework at CCV, you can submit your transcripts to Northern Lights at no cost to you! Please note, we are not able to accept printouts from your student web portal.

Online Trainings

For an online training to count toward professional development hours in Vermont, the online training organization must be reviewed and approved by Northern Lights. The online training organizations currently approved by Northern Lights are listed here. When you complete an approved online training, print out the training certificate and submit it to Northern Lights using the steps listed above.

What Happens Next

  • All documents received by Northern Lights are processed in the order they are received.
  • It typically takes 2-4 weeks for documents to be entered into BFIS quality and credential accounts; during high volume periods, it can take up to 6 weeks.
  • If after 30 days you do not see your document listed in your account, contact your Northern Lights Resource Advisor for support. Please do not resend the document unless Northern Lights specifically asks you to do so.
  • If we can’t enter a document into your account, we will send an email to explain why; please be sure you keep your email address updated in your BFIS account so you receive these notifications