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Professional Development Summit

Becky Millard

4th Annual Professional Development Summit

Join Northern Lights at CCV for a day of virtual learning and connection. Zoom links for each session will be added to this page 1-2 days before the Summit and recordings will be available here after the summit concludes. Please note that participation is free and participants are welcome to attend for any/all parts of the day.

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9:00-9:45       Welcome and News from Northern Lights

10:00-10:45   Breakout Session A

  • A1: Exploring the Results of the Professional Development Survey of the Field
  • A2: Make Trainings Count: Tips and Tricks from Northern Lights
  • A3: Professional Development Roundtable: Hybrid Models of Learning in the Digital Age

11:00-12:30    Keynote Presentation
Dr. Kaitie Northey, Assistant Professor, University of Vermont
Practicing what we teach: Ensuring professional development opportunities reflect a commitment to social and emotional learning 

1:00-1:45       Breakout Session B

  • B1: Communities of Practice: Making them Count
  • B2: The Ins and Outs of the Instructor Registry
  • B3: Professional Development Roundtable: Free Tools for Registration and Fee Collection

2:00-3:30     Coordination and Collaboration Roundtables
Participants will engage in three different roundtable conversations to generate ideas about tools and strategies to help facilitate connection, communication, and collaboration:

  • C1: Sponsor to Sponsor Connection – tools and strategies to facilitate connection, communication, and collaboration
  • C2: Matching Sponsors and Instructors – tools and strategies for sponsors and instructors to find one another
  • C3: Connecting Faculty and the Field – tools and strategies to link early childhood faculty with day-to-day life in the early childhood field

3:30-4:00     Reflection and Closing
The summit will close with an opportunity for participants to share their key takeaways from the Coordination and Collaboration Roundtables and identify next steps in their own work as sponsors, instructors, and/or faculty members.

NEW! Networking Zoom Rooms
Between sessions throughout the day, three networking Zoom rooms will be available to summit participants. They are designed to provide space for you to talk with one another much like you might between sessions at an in-person conference. All rooms will be open from 9:45-9:55 am, 10:45-10:55 am, 12:30-12:55 pm, and 1:45-1:55 pm.

  • Room 1: Topic-Based Conversations
    • 9:45-9:55 Communicating with Families (Sara Forward)
    • 10:45-10:55 Social Emotional Learning (Sara Forward)
    • 12:30-12:55 Keynote Debrief (Adri Taylo-Behrman)
    • 1:45-1:55 Nature-Based Learning (April Zajko)
  • Room 2: Energy Boosters
  • Room 3: Lounge / Open Networking

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Resources from the 3rd Annual Professional Development Summit

On Wednesday, August 5th 2020, nearly 50 sponsors, trainers, and early childhood faculty members gathered online for the third annual Professional Development Summit hosted by Northern Lights at CCV. Please see below for the resources discussed and shared at the summit. For more information or to receive raw data from the 2020 professional development survey of the field, please contact Northern Lights.

Summit Resources:

Northern Lights Resources: