COVID-19 Training Guidelines

First Aid and CPR


Vermont’s criteria for First Aid and CPR trainings for individuals working in regulated child care and afterschool programs requires the following (see the Training Requirements page on the CDD website for further details):

First Aid and CPR training must meet this criteria and be verified in the individual’s BFIS Quality & Credential Account to meet the regulations requirements. The training must be taught by an American Heart Association, Red Cross, or American Health and Safety Institute trainer. If you complete an online first aid and/or infant/child CPR training, it must include an in-person skills component taught by someone with one of the above affiliations and result in certification. You must receive documentation of certification that includes the date of the training, the type of training (first aid or infant/child CPR) and the expiration date for the certification. CPR and First Aid trainings are offered through the American Heart Association, American Red Cross, or American Health and Safety Institute, their websites may list local and/or online training availability. Some First Aid and CPR training opportunities may be listed in the BFIS Course Calendar.

Availability of First Aid and CPR trainings varies by region. Below we have listed selected statewide and regional resources to help you access the training you need. If you know of additional resources to add to this list, please contact Northern Lights at

American Heart Association

Click Here and then select CPR and then Find a Course to find available trainings. PLEASE NOTE: The BLS trainings listed on the AHA website only count toward Vermont’s CPR requirement – they do not meet the criteria for First Aid.

American Red Cross

Click Here and use the dropdown to select First Aid or CPR. Select your location and change the range to 50 miles so nearby trainings will become visible. Please note that you must choose either a fully in-person or an online + classroom training. Trainings that are offered fully online do not meet Vermont’s criteria for first aid and CPR trainings.

Vermont Safety Net

Offers several courses including American Heart Association Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid and CPR course. Located in Chittenden County but travels to other parts of the state to deliver trainings. Calendar of upcoming trainings are available here. Contact information is available here.

Catalyst Safety Training

Offers several courses including American Red Cross Pediatric First Aid and CPR course. Located in Southern Vermont and willing to provide trainings in surrounding areas. More information available here.