Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP)


If you work in the early childhood or afterschool professional field, you are required to create an Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) to show that you reflect upon and plan your professional skills, knowledge, and development. As of 1/1/24 you can now send a PDF version of your IPDP to Northern Lights and we can add it into your BFIS Quality Credentialing Account for you. You are also welcome to use the Professional Development Plan section of your account to type in your IPDP information yourself.

Your IPDP includes two parts

  • Self-assessment of your professional learning over the past year; and
  • Three specific goals for your professional learning over the coming year, along with the activities, resources, and timeline to help you reach them.

Sample Goals

Find Your Path and Stay on Track

Use the Resources on this page to find:

  • Tutorials, tips and self-assessment tools for creating your IPDP
  • IPDP forms/formats
  • Sample IPDPs
  • Links and information to submit your completed IPDP

If you need support finding the resources you need, please contact us for further assistance.

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