Communities of Practice

Becky Millard

A community of practice is a multi-session, facilitated conversation among members of a particular group with a goal of creating positive change related to an area of common interest. 

Communities of practice explore a topic or area of shared inquiry. Members of a community of practice decide what areas of the topic they wish to explore. Facilitators help guide the conversation and gather and share resources to support the group’s learning.

Northern Lights offers several communities of practice with a particular focus on topics for advanced-level practitioners. To see upcoming community of practice opportunities from Northern Lights, visit the Training Calendar. 

Recognized Communities of Practice

Beginning January 1, 2024, approved sponsors are now able to offer Recognized Communities of Practice that can count toward training hours for child care licensing.


  • Offered by an approved sponsor
  • Minimum of four sessions (recommended at least 6-8 sessions)
  • Facilitator must meet minimum qualifications
  • Facilitator must be listed in the Instructor Registry as a Community of Practice Facilitator

Review the resources on the right side of this page for more information. If you’d like to offer a Recognized Community of Practice, become a Community of Practice Facilitator, or become an approved sponsor, contact your Northern Lights Resource Advisor.