Sponsors of Professional Development


If you Sponsor a training or course, you play an important role that helps professionals verify and apply their experience toward licensure, credentialing, or child care program licensing requirements. As a Sponsor, your role is different than that of an Instructor. Sponsors provide a seamless, comprehensive experience for participants, ensuring that training and courses are:

  • Documented, verified, and meet professional development criteria;
  • Taught by skilled, qualified Instructors who are members of the Instructor Registry; and
  • Address Core Knowledge and Competencies relevant to the roles and experience of training participants.

Sponsors participate in an orientation with Northern Lights staff and sign an agreement with Northern Lights to act as a Sponsor within the professional development system.

Sponsor vs Training Host

A Training Host is anyone who hires an instructor and hosts a training. Sometimes a Training Host is also a Sponsor and will submit training documentation to Northern Lights on your behalf. If your Training Host is not a Sponsor, you will need to send the training certificate and Verification Cover Sheet into Northern Lights at professional.development@ccv.edu.

Become a Sponsor

If you host multiple trainings per year, consider becoming an approved Sponsor. Sponsors help make professional development easy and efficient by hiring qualified instructors and streamlining the training documentation process. You’ll play a valuable role by making it easy for professionals to earn training hours and document their achievement.

Contact your Northern Lights Resource Advisor to become a Sponsor and promote your event in our Calendar.

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