Competencies & Standards


Your professional competence is always developing from experience, coursework, effective supervision or mentoring, and self-reflection. Because of the profound impact professionals have on children and their families, professional quality matters. Vermont’s professional Competencies and Standards define the skills and knowledge required to work in the early childhood and afterschool fields. They are used:

  • As part of the self-assessment in an Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP);
  • To provide common expectations and language;
  • As the framework for the early childhood career ladder, afterschool career pathways, credentials, and teacher licensure;
  • To plan and assess professional development activities and curricula; and
  • To structure supervision, mentoring, and job descriptions.

Find Your Path and Stay on Track

Find the Competencies and Standards for your role in the Resources section of this site. Each professional role has a different set of required Competencies.

If you need support finding the resources you need, please contact us for further assistance.

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