Approved Training Organizations

Becky Millard

Vermont’s Unified Training Criteria (effective 7/1/22) require that a training organization meets quality criteria, training documentation meets verification criteria, and training design meets content criteria.

Some training organizations automatically meet quality criteria and their trainings can count toward training hours in Vermont. These organizations include:

  1. IACET-accredited training organizations
  2. Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs) or affiliated organizations
  3. Northern Lights-approved sponsors
  4. Agency of Education, Agency of Human Services, and Vermont public and independent schools

Any other training organizations need to be reviewed and approved by Northern Lights to ensure they meet the Unified Training Criteria. If you find a training organization that you believe meets the criteria but is not listed below, please contact Northern Lights for support.

If you are interested in becoming an approved training organization recognized in Vermont, please visit this link to submit your Request for Approval. If you are a Vermont-based organization and/or you regularly offer in-person or online real-time trainings to Vermont educators, you should consider becoming a Northern Lights-approved sponsor. Click here for more information about sponsors.

Approved Training Organizations

Northern Lights reviews training organizations to ensure they meet criteria then lists them on the Northern Lights website. See below for the list of training organizations currently approved in Vermont.

Please Note: Northern Lights is working on a searchable database listing approved training organizations. Until the database is complete, all approved training organizations are listed alphabetically below. This list is updated weekly.







  • Udemy – selected instructors
    • Only trainings taught by the instructors listed below can count in Vermont. If you are interested in a training by another instructor, please contact your Resource Advisor to ask if it can count toward training hours in Vermont.
    • Mary Ann Biermeier
    • Dr. Patricia M. Hart
  • Universal Class
    • IMPORTANT: Currently approved topics include: Introduction to Special Education, Introduction to Ethics, Building Children’s Reading Skills, and Generational Diversity in the Workplace. If you are interested in another topic, please contact your Resource Advisor to ask if it can count toward training hours in Vermont.
  • Vermont Child Nutrition Trainings
    • Note: CACFP online trainings are open to CACFP programs only
  • Vermont Child Welfare Training Partnership
    • Note: Please include a copy of training description and/or learning outcomes with certificate of completion.
  • Vermont Online Mandated Reporter Training
  • Watch Me! Celebrating Milestones and Sharing Concerns
  • Youth Development Institute (YDI) Courses
    • IMPORTANT: Vermont Afterschool uses some of these modules as part of the Afterschool Essentials training course. Certificates from YDI courses must indicate that the individual has earned at least an 80% score to be verified in VT.
  • Youth Development U.