Related Fields and Credits

Becky Millard

Related Fields for early childhood professionals are fields of study that relate directly to working with children birth through grade three/age 8.

In Vermont, Related Fields are degrees with a major or concentration in early childhood, child or human development, elementary education, special education with a birth to eight focus, and child and family services.

Related Credits are credits earned from college coursework that meet the following criteria:

  • Course relates to working with children birth through elementary school and their families; and
  • Course content clearly falls within one or more Early Childhood Core Knowledge Areas or Afterschool Core Competencies; and
  • Credits are awarded by an appropriately accredited institution of higher education; and
  • Student earned a grade of a C- or better in the course.

To submit coursework documentation to Northern Lights, please send an official or unofficial version of your transcript issued by the college registrar to Northern Lights at CCV PO Box 489, Montpelier, VT 05601.

You may also email your transcript to If you email a document, please be sure the PDF file is unlocked and not password protected.