Medication Administration


Medication Administration is a two-hour training offered by Northern Lights at CCV that meets the child care licensing requirement for a training in medication administration.

As part of this training, participants demonstrate procedures for receiving, storing, preparing, administering, and documenting administration of medications; describe and demonstrate what to do for signs and symptoms of an asthma attack and allergic reaction; and describe symptoms of adverse reactions to medication and actions to take when they are observed.

Medication Administration is currently offered Online in Real-Time by Northern Lights at CCV. These free trainings are available several times per month and additional sections can be added based on need. For information about current and upcoming trainings, visit the Northern Lights training calendar.

Links to resources for participants in a Medication Administration Training can be found below:

  1. Online Real Time Activity Packet
  2. Medication Administration slide deck (2022)
  3. How to use an Inhaler with a spacer
  4. How to use an Epi-pen
  5. Five Rights of Medication Administration
  6. Administering Oral Medications
  7. Blank Medication Administration Packet

Additional Resources