Certificates, Credentials, & Licensure


In your role, you are required to document and maintain all the qualifications your job requires. We’re your guide to career development and can help you understand what you need – be it certificates, credentials, academic degrees, or educator licensure.

A LEVEL CERTIFICATE is issued by Northern Lights and recognizes accomplishments along your career ladder or career pathway. The Early Childhood Career Ladder and Afterschool Pathways include several levels of accomplishment, each of which is recognized with a certificate.

A CREDENTIAL recognizes that you have completed a particular combination of education and experience requirements, helping you demonstrate a high level of proficiency in your role. Credentials often require a portfolio to document your achievement. Two examples include the Program Director Credential and Afterschool Credential.

AN ACADEMIC DEGREE OR CERTIFICATE is awarded by an accredited college or university. Your college or university registrar will issue a transcript that documents the courses and degrees you completed. We can use your transcripts to help you document your coursework and/or degrees.

AN EDUCATOR LICENSE is issued by the Vermont Standards Board in the Vermont Agency of Education for either educator or administrator licensure. Endorsements are added to your license that specify the level and/or topic you can teach. Visit the Vermont Agency of Education website for more information about licensure and endorsements.

Find Your Path and Stay on Track

Explore the Career Development section of our website to learn which documentation you will need for your professional role. In the Resources on this page you will find the forms you need in order to apply for various certificates and credentials.

If you need support finding the information you need, please contact us for further assistance.

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