Early childhood and afterschool professionals often assume diverse roles over time. Some progress from an entry level to a leadership role. Some change careers to become an early childhood or afterschool professional. Some gain years of experience in the field and then decide to be recognized by a certificate, credential or degree. Some start by earning a degree or certificate, and then work full time in the field. Many work in the field part-time or full-time while taking coursework and training. Whatever your path, consider the role you have now and the many options available to you.

  • Early Childhood Professionals

    Early Childhood professionals work with children, families, and other professionals to provide education and care for children from birth to age 8 (grade 3).

  • Afterschool Professionals

    If you work within a program that serves school-age children and youth between the ages of 5-18 years, outside of school hours, you are recognized as an Afterschool Professional.

  • Program Directors

    As a Program Director, you are responsible for the day-to-day operation of a program which serves young children. Your title may be director, manager, supervisor, coordinator, or administrator.

  • CIS Professionals

    Children’s Integrated Services (CIS) is Vermont’s unique model for integrating early intervention, early childhood family mental health, nurse home visiting, family support home visiting, and specialized child care services.

  • Sponsors of Professional Development

    If you Sponsor a training or course, you play an important role that helps professionals verify and apply their experience toward licensure, credentialing, or child care program licensing requirements.

  • Instructors

    If you are an Instructor, you lead trainings or courses for adult professionals – this is separate and distinct from teaching or instructing children, working with families, supervising staff, or facilitating professional discussions.

  • MATCH Professionals

    MATCH is an collective name and acronym for Mentoring, Advising, Teaching, Training, Coaching, Consulting, and Helping. As a MATCH professional, you provide individualized support to early childhood and afterschool professionals in Vermont.