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Location: Chelsea

Training Type: In Person

Total Hours: 1.5

Cost: Free

Scholarship: No

Contact Information:

Mary Ellen Otis
(802) 685-2264

Helping the Helpers Sylvia Kennedy-Godin

Special Topics:
Sponsor: Northern Lights at CCV
Instructor: Dr. Junlei Li, Senior Fellow of the Fred Rogers Center and faculty of Harvard Graduate School of Education

How do we encourage, enhance, and empower the human relationships around children and youth in adversity. Real and lasting change can start with finding what ordinary people do extraordinarily well with children in simple, everyday moments. In this workshop session, we practice an approach to understand practice, program, and policy that rely on capturing and learning from everyday, “simple interactions”, in a variety of child development settings. We explore how this approach may complement and support the larger work of professional development and system change in early childhood education. Learning Objectives 1. Using the “simple interactions tool” identify four inter-related elements of development human interactions in everyday practice. 2. Expand the concept of “simple interactions” to imagine how it applies to system-level thinking about programs and policies. 3. Learn to apply the relationship-focused theory of change to practical and policy questions in serving children and families.

Core Knowledge Area
  • Child Development & Learning
  • Developmentally Appropriate & Inclusive Practices
  • Professionalism & Ethical Practice
  • Infant/Toddler
  • Preschool/PreK
  • Program Directors/Managers
Session Dates
Session Times
June 6, 2019
12:00 pm - 2:30 pm
Additional Information

Turrell Fund is broadening access to Dr. Li's visit to Vermont by offering this workshop in Orange County. For more information on all Turrell Fund events in June, visit https://vtchildrenstrust.org/turrell-fund-events-june-4-6 This event on June 6th is at the Orange County Parent Child Center, 361 VT Rte. 110, Chelsea, VT 05038. Participants will receive 1.5 professional development training hours for attending the workshop. Lunch and a tour of the building will also be included. Parking is available on-site and there is no fee for this event. To register please contact Mary Ellen Otis at maryellen@orangecounty pcc.org. Phone: 802-685-2264