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Location: Hartford

Training Type: In Person

Total Hours: 2

Cost: Free

Scholarship: No

Contact Information:

Sara Dube
(603) 252-8664

Loose Parts Play Deb Norris

Special Topics:
Sponsor: Early Childhood Professionals Network - Hartford
Instructor: Sherry Boudro

Loose Parts Play: Do you want to design a loose parts experience in your program, however not sure where to begin? Do you wonder how to introduce loose parts play? Research supports the inclusion of loose parts play materials in outdoor play environments to improve healthy child development, but many childcare providers consider loose parts to be intimidating. This workshop provides specific strategies that increase the developmental benefits of play for the child while minimizing the challenges associated with loose parts. Loose parts play is a type of play that supports invention, divergent thinking, cooperative play, social interaction, problem solving, fine motor, and offers a sense of wonder to children. Loose parts play allows children to use materials in many ways with no one right way and allows the child to be creative, curious, and imaginative. Participants will: • Identify and describe play terms: loose parts, fixed equipment, prescriptive play materials, non-prescriptive play materials. • List ten loose parts play materials that are readily available and affordable • Understand how children benefit from play environments with loose parts and non-prescriptive materials. • Work in small teams to put together a simple plan to begin incorporating loose parts into existing programs • Propose two simple explorations/observations that will help teachers define how loose parts may improve existing play opportunities

Core Knowledge Area
  • Child Development
  • Observing & Assessing
  • How We Teach
  • What We Teach
  • Infant/Toddler
  • Preschool/PreK
  • Instructors of Adults
Session Dates
Session Times
March 9, 2020
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
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