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Location: Statewide

Training Type: Online Real Time

Total Hours: 12

Cost: $ 30

Scholarship: No

Contact Information:

Amelia Struthers

Voices of Learning: an Interactive Approach to Adult Learning and Design Deb Norris

Special Topics:
Sponsor: Northern Lights at CCV
Instructor: Jannice Ellen

The Voices of Learning training is offered by Northern Lights at CCV. Voices of Learning is a four week, online, instructor-led training focused on adult learning and instructional design. Successful completion of this training meets a requirement for members of the Vermont Instructor Registry. If you are a faculty member at an institution of higher education, you are not required to take this course, though you are certainly welcome to do so. Priority for participation in this training is given to individuals who are in the Vermont Instructor Registry and who need to complete a training like this one to meet registry requirements. It is appropriate for those with experience designing and leading trainings for professionals in the field of early education. Please follow the link to our Voices of Learning Interest Survey. By answering the survey questions, we can help you determine if this training is a good match for you. It should only take you a few minutes complete the survey and once it is submitted, you will be notified within one week about about registration. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ZMY5JQB

Core Knowledge Area
  • Developmentally Appropriate & Inclusive Practices
Session Dates
Session Times
March 11, 2024
12:00 am - 3:00 am
March 18, 2024
12:00 am - 3:00 am
March 25, 2024
12:00 am - 3:00 am
April 2, 2024
12:00 am - 3:00 am
Additional Information

The Voices of Learning training is self-paced using the Canvas online learning platform. Assignments include weekly reading and writing assignments, and you may complete these assignments at any time during the week, as long as you submit the written assignments by the due dates. **The times reflected in the full schedule above are not accurate - Participants will complete materials on their own time between 3/11/2024-4/7/2024.** Written assignments are submitted either by typing directly into the online platform, or writing a word document that you upload into the online platform. Instructor comments will be posted in Canvas, online, and occasionally may email to you directly. When you successfully complete the course, we will issue you a certificate for 12 training hours.