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Location: Thetford

Training Type: Online Real Time

Total Hours: 1.5

Cost: $ 20

Scholarship: No

Contact Information:

Maureen Burford
(802) 275-5950

Chakras and Child Development: Essential Tools for Helping Children Release Trauma Deb Norris

Special Topics:
Sponsor: Creative Lives
Instructor: Maureen Burford, M.Ed.

As you prepare for the upcoming school year, please join Maureen Burford, M.Ed., for a discussion on healing childhood trauma through the lens of Ellen Tadd’s holistic methodology. A Framework for Wise Education is based on Tadd's pioneering discoveries about the human energy (chakra) system and its fundamental role in human development. Tadd has distilled her findings into practical tools that help a child’s chakra system function well. This, in turn, supports all aspects of healthy child development and aids in healing past hearts and traumas. According to Tadd, trauma is “...an inability to let go of an unwanted experience.” Thus, by applying tools and strategies that shift children's focus from fear and reactions to wise perception, they can begin to heal from past hurts -- and move forward with their lives. The younger we are when we learn these strategies, the better able we are to navigate life’s changes in the future. In this workshop, you will get an overview of Tadd’s Framework approach and learn how this pedagogy can aid all children as they naivete the twists and turns of growing up in a world undergoing ever-increasing change. You will be introduced to a powerful technique to help children gain a new perspective, which in turn heals past trauma.

Core Knowledge Area
  • Child Development & Learning
  • Observation & Assessment
  • Developmentally Appropriate & Inclusive Practices
  • Infant/Toddler
  • Preschool/PreK
  • School-Age
  • Mentors/Coaches
  • Program Directors/Managers
Session Dates
Session Times
August 26, 2023
10:00 am - 11:30 am
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