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Training Type: Online Real Time

Total Hours: 1.5

Cost: Free

Scholarship: No

Conference: No

Contact Information:

Elizabeth Kervick
(802) 398-2037

Creating Gross Motor Experiences and Spaces for Infants and Toddlers Sylvia Kennedy-Godin

Special Topics:
Sponsor: STARS
Instructor: Nikki Bearor

Gross motor skills develop quickly during the infant and toddler years. Because of this rapid development, infants and toddlers should be provided with stimulating gross motor experiences and spaces to practice their new and burgeoning skills. During this workshop, we will explore the Infant Toddler Environment Rating Scale, Third Edition (ITERS-3) to better understand the expectations for infant and toddler programs regarding gross motor spaces and materials. We will also discuss ways in which we can arrange and supply our gross motor spaces to best support this important area of development.

Core Knowledge Area
  • Child Development
  • Healthy Environment & Nutrition
  • How We Teach
  • What We Teach
  • Infant/Toddler
Session Dates
Session Times
August 19, 2020
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Additional Information

A copy of the ITERS-3 is recommended for this training. To register, please email and include your name, your email address, and the name of the child care program where you are employed. You will receive an email either confirming your enrollment, or notifying you that you have been placed on the waitlist. A Zoom link will be sent in advance of the training.