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Location: Middlebury

Training Type: In Person

Total Hours: 2

Cost: Free

Scholarship: No

Contact Information:

Amethyst Peaslee
(802) 388-2401

Nutrition Toolkit: How to Share Nutrition Information with Families Sylvia Kennedy-Godin

Special Topics:
Sponsor: College Street Children's Center
Instructor: Ginger Farineau

This workshop is for child care providers who wish to educate the parents of the children in their care about the importance of nutrition. By the end of this workshop, providers will have taken part in several activities that will give them plenty of tools for addressing nutrition issues with parents in a positive and supportive way. Providers will leave with a "toolkit" that includes: Positive Parenting Approaches for Picky Eaters; Tips for a Healthy Lunchbox; and Healthy Meal and Snack Ideas for Home and School. Activities include cooking (and eating!), using phone applications to find nutritional information, reading nutrition labels, and measuring the sugar in drinks. By the end of the workshop, participants will: Identify Nutrient Dense Foods; Navigate the Complicated Food Labels; Practice using applications that help consumers shop and track food intake; and make at least one healthy snack. In addition, participants will be introduced to the curriculum, Tiny Tastes: Introducing Flavorful Nutrition to Children under Three, A Guide for Parents and Childcare Providers. The “Tiny Tastes” curriculum was developed through The Albert Schweitzer Fellowship (ASF), by a graduate student from Vermont Law School, Heather Devine. The mission of ASF is to prepare the next generation of professionals who will serve and empower vulnerable people to live healthier lives and create healthier communities. The idea behind this curriculum is that the earlier you introduce a variety of flavors to children, the more likely they are to enjoy a wide range of healthy foods. The best opportunity to expand a child’s tastes is between the ages of 6 months and 3 years old. The program is a preemptive strike against picky eating and trains children’s palettes to like garlic, ginger, curry, and other interesting flavors. Participants will receive a copy of the Tiny Tastes curriculum guide.

Core Knowledge Area
  • Safety & Wellness
Session Dates
Session Times
February 2, 2019
10:30 am - 12:30 pm
Additional Information

Location: Counseling Service of Addison County (CSAC) 109 Catamount Park, off Exchange St. in Middlebury, 2nd building on the left.