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Training Type: Online Real Time

Total Hours: 4

Cost: $ 140.00

Scholarship: Yes

Contact Information:

Wendy Cohen
(802) 498-3350

Promoting Resilience in Young Children Deb Norris

Special Topics: Advanced Specialized Care ,
Sponsor: Vermont Higher Education Collaborative
Instructor: Cathy Siggins, M.Ed.

This two-part, live webinar series will explore resiliency in early childhood and delve into strategies that can be used to strengthen young children’s resiliency. Each synchronous online session will be two hours in length. The first session will focus on how to recognize the ways stress and anxiety can impact young children’s development and behavior, as well as how temperament, relationships, and routines all play a role in promoting resilience factors in young children. Participants will learn strategies that utilize their new learning, including how to adapt one’s responses to children using targeted teaching methods, as well as how to incorporate learning experiences that explicitly promote resilience. Session two will focus on deepening our understanding of ways to build resiliency skills in young children through individualized strategies, foundational routines, and teaching practices. Participants will use shared resources and tools to design responsive learning experiences that promote children’s self-regulation, problem solving, and flexibility –skills that are the foundational components of resilience.

Core Knowledge Area
  • Child Development
  • How We Teach
  • Infant/Toddler
  • Preschool/PreK
Session Dates
Session Times
December 1, 2020
1:30 pm - 3:30 pm
December 8, 2020
1:30 pm - 3:30 pm
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