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Program Director Credential Workgroup

Becky Millard

Welcome to the Program Director Credential workgroup resource page!

We will maintain this page as a place to find the resources and updates from the BBF PPD Program Director Credential workgroup. This workgroup will be meeting monthly from February through July, 2019 to discuss suggested recommendations for changes to Vermont’s program director credential. These suggestions will be shared with the BBF PPD at their July meeting.

Program Director Credential workgroup members:

*Carol Barbieri (child care program director)
Sherry Carlson (Let’s Grow Kids)
Diane Hermann-Artim (CCV)
Becky Millard (Northern Lights at CCV)
Paula Nadeau (child care program director)
*Nancy Noel (child care program director)
*Lynne Robbins (CDD Systems Unit)
*Sue Ryan (VCCICC)
*Amelia Struthers (Northern Lights at CCV)
*Kara von Behren (child care program director)

*indicates member of the PDCC (Program Director Credential Committee)

Facilitator: Susan Titterton

Workgroup Resources: Please see sidebar