Types of Online Trainings

Becky Millard

There are currently three different types of online trainings that can count toward training hours for staff working in regulated child care and afterschool programs in Vermont. See below to learn more about Online Anytime, Online Real Time, and Online Asynchronous trainings.

Online Anytime Trainings

  • Completed on your own, at a time that works for you
  • Have been reviewed by Northern Lights to be sure they meet Vermont’s training criteria
  • Can be found on the Northern Lights website

Online Real-Time Trainings

Online Asynchronous

  • Completed on your own as part of a group, at a time that works for you with specific deadlines set by the instructor
  • Used by higher education institutions to offer online college courses
  • Aside from college offerings, the only Online Asynchronous training currently approved in Vermont is the Voices of Learning training series

What about Webinars?

Most webinars are a “one way” presentation with one or more presenters sharing information with a group of people. Most webinars do not meet online training criteria.

In order for a standalone webinar to count as Online Anytime, it must be offered by an approved training organization AND include a final evaluation of learning (like the quizzes at the end of an online module). In order for a standalone webinar to count as Online Real-Time, it needs to be offered by an approved sponsor, led by a qualified trainer, there needs to be an opportunity for the participants to engage with the material and with each other in real time, and attendance must be submitted to Northern Lights.

Approved sponsors can use webinars as one part of an Online Real-Time training. Watching a webinar is similar to watching a video or reading an article as part of an in person training, If a sponsor wants to use a webinar as one part of their training they need to make sure the training as a whole meets all other Online Real-Time training criteria.